optimum ferrexCleaning your wheels safely just got a lot easier with Optimum FerreX! Optimum FerreX is a safe, yet effective way to quickly dissolve ferrous oxides (brake dust) from wheels and other surfaces such as body panels that are suffering from industrial fallout and iron contamination. Unlike many iron removers on the market, Optimum FerreX is also a low odour formula.

Optimum FerreX attacks brake dust to rapidly clean wheels by reacting and dissolving the contamination. Simply spray on, and watch as the surface turns purple as it does the work for you, agitate, then rinse. Optimum FerreX is just as effective as acid based cleaners, but far more safer for the user and the environment.

Optimum FerreX can also be used on body panels to remove not only iron contamination such as rail dust, but also other paint contamination such as tar spots.